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Our Story

At Pasta Nonna, we aim to make even the slightest nibble of pasta carry you away to rustic Italian villages. REAL pasta made from natural ingredients only and without preservatives, prepared with lots of love, precision and care: The manner of kneading the dough, deciding on quantities, as well as the chilling phase are all parts of the creation process

Fresh Chilled Pasta According to Italian Knowledge and Recipe
The secret to Pasta Nonna’s perfect taste lies in the fact that our pasta is fresh and chilled, and unlike other refrigerated pastas, it is not precooked. Every time you choose Pasta Nonna, you are choosing uncompromised quality. The cooking process begins in your kitchen, where you have full control and can choose how to cook the pasta to your taste. Our pasta blends perfectly and compliments any sauce, without stealing the spotlight.

A Taste of Tuscany!
Going back to the roots of where it all began. Pasta Nonna adopted meticulous Tuscan cuisine practices and all of our recipes are based on traditional Tuscan dishes, upgraded to perfection by our chefs. At our factory in Dalton in the Upper Galilee, we follow traditional handmade practices customary in the Tuscany region, combining in every dish the wonderful flavors of Italy’s sauces with the lovely Galilee landscape that surrounds us.

A Healthy Meal Begins with Natural Ingredients
A pasta meal is healthy meal that provides the body with energy and vitamins, coupled with an amazing taste. To reach perfection we only use natural ingredients free of preservatives, imported from Italy, the land of pasta. The pasta is made from durum wheat and we only use products that are free of preservatives and food coloring. This is how we maintain the natural taste of our pasta and sauces, giving you a taste of indulgence in a perfect dish.

Always Innovating
Moving forward is key to our perception at Pasta Nonna, which is why we are constantly working to develop and improve our products, and it is also why we win awards. Our ideal day starts with an announcement that we have perfected the taste we were seeking and a new product is about to be launched. The owners, Eli and Yehudit, hold standards marks that comply with the strictest international standards, and they carefully monitor the entire process.

We at Pasta Nonna aim to provide you with an enjoyable, tasty and nutritious culinary experience. Time and time again.
Bon Appétit!